Friendship In A Photobooth

The lady on the left seems more familiar with the photobooth process than her friend, who appears to be struggling with where to look and how to pose. In the last frame the realisation of the absurdity of her cluelessness takes full effect in an outburst of mutual laughter, making a delightful record of shared experience and friendship.

The quality of this strip isn’t great. It has either been left exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period or was not washed properly in the machine during processing. This item came from the USA and appears to date from the 1950s

  1. Mike said:

    That is a fun strip. A movie made up of 4 stills, and it has a genuine and sweet feel to it.


  2. This is so delightful. You can’t help but feel happy just looking at them.


  3. ehpem said:

    This is a good one. I wonder if it could be turned into an animated gif, it seems to have that potential.


    • Ta, Mr E. I think I need to find out how to do animated gifs. I have a set of pics that I bought from France that have appeared on a tumblr in animated form. Now that they are mine, I’d like to reproduce the effect.


      • ehpem said:

        I wish I knew how to do them too. I expect it is like everything with image software – there will be free easy ways that dont quite work the way you want and expensive steep learning curve ways that do work, once you get there.


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