Due to my health problems it is many months since I ventured out at night. The ramifications of pushing myself to stay up are just too hard to endure with any frequency. But this lady is lovely enough to force me from my exile.

Marie and I have been friends since our second year at high school. I love her and her family. I rarely see her as she lives a long way from me. But soon she is having a big birthday party. Thanks to another school friend I will be driven to and from the event. I AM SO EXCITED!!

This photo of my fabulously gorgeous friend was taken in a Melbourne photobooth in 1996.


  1. Marie-louise sounds like a great friend, I hope you both have a wonderful time at her party


  2. Isn’t she lovely and how exciting! Have a wonderful time. Take care though.


  3. ehpem said:

    Wonderful photo. Beautiful lady. Have a great time, the prospect of getting out must be thrilling.


  4. jalal michael sabbagh. said:

    Awesome about..Thank you for visiting my site..I wish you health, success and happiness.Have a joyous new year.jalal


  5. gretafrancis2011 said:

    She is an actress, I think. I am sure I have seen her in something.


  6. Joyful Art Stuff said:

    she sure is beautiful! like your vintage photos


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