A Pair From Germany 1941 And 1945

This pair came in a bulk lot of passport photos from Germany. One cannot imagine the experiences of this woman in war time Germany. She may have led a relatively privileged life and experienced the war at a distance or been thrown into the maelstrom.

Only the one from 1945 is a photobooth photo but once again it is the changes over time that I love.




  1. Mike said:

    Yes, it is hard to imagine anything from that time without thinking of….that time. I see no joy or anything close to it, in either face. Quite the contrary, the 1945 woman appears totally shell shocked, and she may well have been, quite literally.


      • Mike said:

        That makes you very normal. I, on the other hand, cannot think of that time without some degree of emotion, which varies from somber to overwhelming grief. That makes me kind of nuts.


  2. Lisa said:

    It’s amazing that these made it through the war – a great find indeed.


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