Ma and Son Pulling Faces

These two had fun in this 1950s photobooth, which was located in the USA. One can imagine the mum saying “Ok, there will be three flashes. First one, we will smile but no teeth; next we’ll look puzzled; last we’ll look sullen”. How else could their expressions have coincided so beautifully?


Today I have chosen to use only the tags that WordPress recommended for this post. I am often unable to work out where they get them from! Can anyone make sense of them in the context of what I wrote? I can’t.

  1. Paul J. Stam said:

    No, I can’t imagine where they got the tags. I think it is wonderful that you have all these old photos.


    • Thanks Paul. I have been a bit too extravagant with my purchasing lately and am looking at a lean Xmas-tide! I best give vintage photos to my friends as that is all I’ve got!


  2. ehpem said:

    That mum puts on one mean face. She looks a bit hard. I am not sure I would want to cross her.


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