Nerd Kid Lets Loose

I love the way this kid chooses the second frame for his breakout performance and then resumes his nerdy demeanor for the last two shots. I bet he knows Pi to a thousand places and does vector calculus just for fun. (I stole that from “White and Nerdy” by Weird Al Yankovic. Here is a link to the clip on YouTube. I love Al.)


  1. Mike said:

    Your hilarious commentary and the nerd himself makes this your funniest post ever, me thinks.


  2. Paul J. Stam said:

    Yes, but his bow tie was perfect the whole time ;-}.


    • His “nerd power” was stonger than his desire to let loose. That held his tie in a static position!


  3. This guy looks like he would fit right into ‘Big Bang Theory’!


  4. ehpem said:

    I met a charming man the other day that looks an awful lot like this – even the glasses and eyes. In the last shot this boy looks a bit fatigued – I think holding a nice pose was a duty and he found it tiresome. I can imagine a parent saying you can ruin only one of the shots, be good for the others.


    • It is funny to think that your man and this boy could be one and the same given that this comes from your neck of the woods. Unlikely but fun to imagine he is still out there sporting the same look after 30 years!


      • ehpem said:

        I wish it were so, but the man I met is a very recent import from the UK


        • And yet it is interesting that in this day and age, you have met someone who still looks like a 1970s nerd-boy.


          • ehpem said:

            I think it is a look that is coming back, in certain circles.


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