Mischief Was Her Middle Name

This very pretty girl, wearing a marvellously patterned jumper, has a gleam in her eye that suggests that she is a young lady to be reckoned with.

From America, this undated  strip has 1970s written all over it.


  1. Paul J. Stam said:

    Yes, but is the second person in the second picture the one that has to reckon with her?


    • Hi Paul. Yes, most definitely! I thought about mentioning him but as she appears to have dealt him a firm blow – probably elbowed him out – I thought I’d give him the same treatment!


  2. Mike said:

    She is the female equivalent to ‘Dennis the Menace.’ Perhaps she was known as ‘mischievous Mary’, or ‘mad Madeline.’


  3. Lisa said:

    definitely ’70s – i would love to own her sweater (jumper :)).


    • When I wrote “jumper” I did wonder if it would cause a bit of amusement from non-Aussies!!


  4. As 1970s as it gets. Ges to show that sometimes a photobooth can sum up an entire decade in just four mini-frames. Lovely, as always.


    • Funny how that era which was (fashion wise) so abhorrent to me at the time, now has a great appeal!Thanks for comenting AC.


  5. Great photos Katherine.
    The boy sneaking into the shot is fantastic and the girls face being in focus in most of the shots but out of focus in the one.


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