Marie-Louise Update

I recently wrote a post about a party for my friend Marie-Louise, that I was excited to be going to. One of my readers recognised her as an actor, so I have decided to show you this more recent, professional photo. It comes from her profile at the agency that represents her.

Her full name is Marie-Louise Walker and her IMDb page is here.

Still stunning Mar-Lou!


This is the original photobooth photo of my fabulously gorgeous friend, that I posted on 7 December.  It was taken in a Melbourne photobooth in 1996.


  1. Lauren St John said:

    Hello – my name is Lauren St John. I live in Vancouver BC Canada and I was lucky enough to meet Marie-Louise Walker in 1984 while traveling on my own throughout Europe. We became friends and kept in touch for a few years. I would love to reconnect with her if she’s willing. I have such great memories of her! She would know me as Lauren Young. Would you be kind enough to pass along my email address to her? I have tried other searches for her but cannot seem to locate her.

    Happy New Year!

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    • Hi Lauren. I passed on your message to Mar-Lou soon after you made this comment. I hope you were able to get back in touch!


    • Kate Prendergast Mesirow said:

      How crazy. Nicki and I from LAMDA have lost touch with her as well. Hope we can find her! I have been so worried since all the fires started. Be safe.

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  2. Nicki A said:

    Hello! Marie Louise was a dear friend of mine at LAMDA but we lost contact several years ago.

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    • Hi Nicki, I am thrilled that you found this blog post. Thanks for commenting. Are you still acting?


    • Kate Prendergast Mesirow said:

      Is this Nicki Amos? Hi Nicki! I am hoping we can find Marie Louise thru this lovely site.

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  3. Kate Prendergast Mesirow said:

    Oops. I am realizing I should comment near her photo. That might be easier for you. I am her old friend from LAMDA. I’ve been trying to get back in touch. Could you let her know? My name is Kate Prendergast (Mesirow). Thank you so much! Kate

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