You’re on (not so) Candid Camera! – Another Photobooth Enthusiast In Paris


I recently did a post about Meg from De Quelle Planète Est-Tu? and her love of photobooths. Through her I found another photobooth enthusiast in Paris who has blogged a list and map of locations of booths in that famous city.

The strip, above, is from her post You’re on (not so) Candid Camera! which is where you will find all the details.

Thank you to Sylvia for permission to use her images.


  1. Lisa said:

    a photobooth map of paris – how romantic!


      • Lisa said:

        It is. Even though the confines of a photo booth make the photos difficult to geographically place, it changes the whole context of the photo when I know where the booth is/was taken.


        • I agree. I try to record all that information on the photos that I make for my series but it is rare to find that information on vintage photos. When one does it opens up a whole new way of interpreting the image.


  2. Sylvia said:

    I’m honored to be mentioned here, and remember to smile for the camera!!!


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