Me and Sister Sue – February 1998


February 1998, Southland Shopping Centre, Melbourne

Here is my sister Sue, who now lives in Dublin, and me, after a shopping trip to get our nails done and buy cosmetics. Manicures have been very rare in my life, so I am glad I have one commemorated!

This is another Polaroid format photobooth photo. I haven’t seen one of these booths in over 10 years. The little image on the bottom of the Polaroid is from another strip of photobooth stickers from a different outing. I think Sue kept the rest.

This strip is part of the series Photobooth 41 Year Project. You can see all the posts that document the series by clicking here.

  1. Lisa said:

    ^^indeed – you both have that gorgeous curly hair and dimpled smile!


    • Thanks Lisa. Many people say how alike we are. Except that Sue is about a foot shorter than me!!!!


      • Lisa said:

        very sweet! people say my sister and i look alike too – except she’s blond and does not often have her picture taken (hehe).


        • Is the hehe about the fact that you might sneakily take her photo when she isn’t looking or ignore he pleas to not shoot her? (Good on you, I say) Part of my obsession with booth photos came about when, as a teenager, a group of friends didn’t remember that I had been on holiday with them as I was not in any of the photos. I had refused to be included and thus they forgot me,and this was only 12 months later. I was outraged and have forever since been very keen to get my pic taken. “Don’t forget I exist” is my motto!


  2. H.O said:

    i really like it like this nice memory photos.


  3. ehpem said:

    The lower left frame is priceless!


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