Becky and Friends – Part One


Undated. Possibly 1966.


Undated. With unidentified friend or sibling.



These are the first three strips of photos from 14 strips that came from the USA as one lot. They document the changing face and life of a girl called Becky over a period of 10 or more years.

Becky loves to pull a face and muck about in photobooths with her friends and family. In some pictures her hair is straightened; in others wild and curly. You will enjoy getting to know her and watching her growth into adulthood.

The top two strips are undated but the lower has written on the back “Me and Robin, probably in the summer of 1968. I can’t remember exactly when.” The photos of Robin are missing. Robin, being the male spelling of the name, is possibly a younger brother who appears in future photos.

From information on other photos in the series I have worked out that Becky was about 13 years old when the third strip of pictures was taken. I guess she was two years younger in the first set and a year or so younger in the second.

More coming soon.

  1. Meg said:

    I love the funny faces! Too cute.


  2. cool to have a collection of strips of the same girl. They seem to bring out the crazy personality in people. Fun stuff!


    • I’m looking forward to sharing more next week. It really is a wonderful collection!


  3. Lisa said:

    The funny faces she makes are adorable, but the first photo in the third strip really caught my eye – it’s as if her confidence is coming through as she grows into adulthood. i love the strips that you have where you can see a person’s history through the portraits.


    • Me too Lisa. I have another long series of a blond girl from around the same era (no connection) which I will post later this year and a few shorter series to add as well. I suppose my series of me is the longest I will ever have!


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