Becky and Friends – Part Three


April 1969

Here we find Becky and her friend or possibly sister, Tina. The notes on the back indicate that Becky was in eighth grade when this was taken and Tina was in the seventh.

Tina rivals Becky in the stupid face pulling schenanigans. Quasimodo comes to mind in the last two photos!

  1. Mike said:

    Becky appears to be getting better looking as she gets older. Her first strip suggesting that might not be the case. Quasimodo, eh? I had a hunch you might say that.


    • I love your sense of humour, Mike. But you already knew that, huh? I agree. She is improving over time. When she is all grown up she is very attactive, as you will see.


      • Mike said:

        Thank you (it was my hope.) I’m happy for Becky as when she was little she was mostly nose. But she radiates some confidence and I am thinking she had good parenting. Now if your last strip of her is her mug shot, we’ll know I was all wet, so to speak.


  2. Lisa said:

    I totally disagree with Mike – you can Becky’s confidence in the first strip of photos – it’s in the eyes. And her hair in this one – it’s so awesome! I can’t wait to see the next ones.


    • Hi Lisa, you will see from later photos (there will be 6 parts in the series) that her hair is straightened. I cannot believe she had the patience to do it at that age. I do think she has passed her ugly duckling stage now. She has never lacked confidence. I wish I could find out more about her and meet her one day. She would be turning 58 this year, I think.


  3. ehpem said:

    They both seem older than the label suggests. Must be the lighting or something.


    • They do, don’t they? I have found it hard to guess the sequence of the undated photos as I think things like lighting, qualities of one booth over another and the face pulling cloud my judgement.


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