Becky and Friends – Part Six




“Becky 22 yrs. Dec. ’77”


Undated with unidentified friend.

These are the final strips in my series about Becky and her friends. Our little girl has grown up but still loves to pull faces for the camera. And hasn’t she nabbed herself a gorgeous boyfriend?

I wonder where Becky is now? What is the story behind the photos? How did this brilliant series of souvenirs of a seemingly happy child’s formative years, come to be in the public domain?

I wish I knew Becky’s surname so that I could find her, but maybe her friend Pam Meadow will Google herself one day, discover these pictures and be able to tell us more of the life behind this archive.

  1. Mike said:

    That bloke has his hand on little Becky’s breast!


  2. Paul J. Stam said:

    What a wonderful series. Keep them coming.


    • Thanks Paul. I have one more post to add of Becky (Just a review, really) and will then start preparing another long series of pics of another (unrelated) girl, coincidentally from the same time period.


  3. Lisa said:

    becky is so beautiful – that first photo is fantastic (her gorgeous hair!). i’m sad to see becky ‘leaving’ us – you’ve shared such a great series with so many potential stories.


    • Thanks Lisa! The stories I have thought of for Becky keep changing. I am glad you see the photos as a narrative, too. Series such as these are the most exciting part of collecting.


  4. The world moves in mysterious ways so I’m sure Bekky will find these one day or they will find Bekky. It’s fate they didn’t end up at the dump. Cheers


    • I hope so Sue! And I agree about the dump. I hardly ever see vintage photos for sale in Australia. I fear that the dump is where most of the unwanted ones end up.


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