Becky Time Machine

This is a summary of the changes we saw in Becky in the larger series of strips of Becky and Friends. Becky must have been born in 1955, as from information on one of the strips, she was 22 in 1977.  As many of the photos are undated, the sequence is a guess based on the few confirmed dates from the backs of the strips. I think I have it pretty well correct.

One of my favourite parts of collecting booth photos is seeing the changes in people over time. It is unusual to find so many over such a long period.

Please click on the first photo to see the gallery in a larger format .

  1. Thank you for sharing Becky’s Time Machine Katherine, they may have been lost forever without your care!


  2. poukitousse4 said:



  3. stephen said:

    My father, years ago, sent me a strip of photobooth images of me at age 10 or 11, going through a series of facial gyrations that, even now, make me proud. I was the kind of kid that couldn’t help making the most horrible face I could manage whenever a camera was pointed at me.

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    • That cracks me up that the faces you pulled make you proud! You must’ve been quite some kid. 😄 That is a great souvenir of your childhood.


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