More Photobooth Clowns

It never rains but it pours. Clowns are rare in the realm of photobooth photography. A few days ago I wrote a post about a clown photo, which I have in my collection. (Click here to see). I wasn’t expecting to be writing about clowns again, let alone so soon.

After a flurry of recent clown booth photo listings on Ebay, all from the same seller, today I noticed another trader has the photo, below, up for grabs. This rather extraordinary booth pic shows not only two clowns, which is extremely unusual, but two clowns posing with a scary inanimate friend. I’d like to say that this dummy is of the ventrioquist variety but cannot see any evidence that it is. Wonderful image nevertheless!

Starting bid is $399.99 US dollars. Anyone interested to buy? Not me, I’m afraid, but good luck to the trader. I like a bit of boldness!

photoboothclownGroup$399 Starting bid copy

  1. Mike said:

    $399? While that photo does rate high on the creepy scale…$399? Maybe the little guy is the ventriloquist and the guy up front with his mouth open is the dummy.


    • Tee hee, as usual, Mike. PS I know the seller and I’m sure he is just taking a punt for a laugh. If it doesn’t sell, he will quickly relist it at lower and lower prices until it does. Such a game, internet selling!


  2. Lemuel said:

    There can never be enough photobooth images of clowns on the internet! Love it! That price though…. wow…


    • Hi Lemuel! Yes, wow indeed. Will report back on what happens. It will be very interesting to see…


  3. abhoan said:

    I would pay 399$ if the picture didn’t give me nightmares.. It reminds me of two horror movies where the clown eats children and the one where the doll kills people.. so, no..


  4. Hi Richard, Thanks for the comment and the link! I bid on these photos when they were up on Ebay last year. Apparently they don’t know the name of the man, but I am sure that the seller knew that he was the repair man for that type of photobooth machine in the area where he purchased them. He was also selling the repair manuals, if I remember correctly. Congrats on the Fluster Magazine spread. Your images are wonderful. Katherine


  5. And I thought the one I saw the other day with the clown and majorette was weird. This one gives me nightmares! Possible cover for Stephen King book?


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