Framed Photobooth Travel Case

photoboothFramedTravelCaseDetail03 photoboothFramedTravelCaseDetail02 photoboothFramedTravelCaseDetail01

A lover of photobooth photos, and there are a surprising number of us, is generally found to be a lover of booth related ephemera as well. These photos came to me in the charming little, folding, faux-reptile travel case illustrated below. The 3 photos of this stylish lady of the 1930s, were roughly cut down to fit the frames, with, as you can see,  a varying level of success.

The fourth photo was missing from the series, so the seller added a random picture of a child to make the item more saleable. On receipt of the frame I was surprised to find that what I had assumed to be a leather or vinyl casing, was in fact paper. I was not disappointed. I paid a bargain price to secure it and I have never seen another like it since.




  1. Mike said:

    Cool photos and a charming case.


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