Tattoo Man – Part One


Here we have a  magnificent, peacock like, display from a young American gent, taken around the turn of the millenium. I would be curious to know if anyone can tell me what his tattoo might represent.

This is one of four photos that I purchased from a large series of individually cut photos, that were on Ebay some months ago. They were originally sold in complete strips by another seller, two of which you can see below, in low resolution scans. I missed out on the first auction, more’s the pity, but was able to take the grabs of the complete strips as a record of the original state of the items.

Three more pics to follow soon.


  1. Hc said:

    I think the tattoo is of the tree of life or the tree of knowledge.


    • Yes, could be. I was thinking a wave but in the context of Celtic design, maybe it isn’t.


      • The outside “picket fence” part has me confused, but even the border next to it looks a bit Celtic.


  2. Mike said:

    What I love most about this tattoo is how the artist was able to add what looks just like a tank top t shirt.


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