Tattoo Man – Part Four


This is the final photo that I have of USA, Tattoo Man and his partner. Probably the least exciting of the lot. I wasn’t able to find this photo in its original context, so below you will see three more low resolution strips from the original sale, just for fun.

He appears to have had a great time creating this lot, especially so the first strip! Having been made around the turn of the century, I cannot imagine what circumstances allowed this collection to end up for sale on Ebay so quickly, but I am glad they did.


  1. He’s a strange dude… I wouldn’t mind being in a photo booth with his girlfriend, though. He does enjoy popping his eyes, and what is with that plaid outfit? Fun to see his different looks.

    I like the third pic of his back with him peering over his shoulder… quite Satanic. That is some tattoo… I’ll have to go look at your earlier parts again.

    Do you know what part of U.S.A?


    • Cool comments, Ted. In Oz we’d call that plaid number a Lumber Jacket – well we did in the 70s at least. He is a great poser and his girl is very cute! There was no information available aboout the original owner, unfortunately.

      Did you see that a friend of yours left a comment on yesterday’s post?


  2. gretafrancis2011 said:

    I’d love to say cute arse, but no, no, no. That is just wrong!


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