Keep Outta My Booth! or If Looks Could Kill.


A happy, private moment of shared friendship…


…interruptions will not be tolerated.

What a face! What happened to cause this look of utter disdain? Obviously some stupid grown-up was trying to interfere!

These two standard sized photobooth photos came from the USA and are undated. They look to me to be from the 1930s. Photographically they are not the best quality that a booth of this era was able to produce, but the sweetness and comedy of this pair of snaps make them a highly prized addition to my collection.

  1. John said:

    ooooh that boy looks really cranked off! It just has to be parental interference.


  2. I think it’s a brother and sister (or two sisters)… very proud and loving of each other. I can just imagine what was said… From Outside the Booth… “Smile”
    From Inside the Booth… “We are smiling, dammit!”


    • You are the master of the micro story! I should send you one of my favourite photos for you to write its story Ted. My brain seizes up when I try to reconstruct a scenario. I love what you (and others) have contributed to imagining this photo’s history.


      • Yes, please send it, I’d love to write a story for you. Micro Story Master… I like that.


        • Wow, that is fabulous, Ted. I have one in mind (can’t find it!!!) but will look at others to see what might suit your sense of humour. (Hooray, he said yes!)


  3. Mike said:

    My first thought was is this a boy or girl doing the sneer. If it was a boy than the picture becomes somewhat intimate and the annoyed look also becomes something more. Sweet and funny in any event, and it looks like a boy to me.


    • Hi Mike, I think I have come to the same conclusion since John (first comment above) first saw it as a boy. It does change the intensity and motivation of the story for it to be a boy and girl.


      • Mike said:

        I think we are seeing young love there, Ted. I know this from personal experience having been in love in the second grade, and if me and my girl had made it to a photobooth, I would have been just as protective as sneer boy.


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