Photomaton Geant – The Giant Photobooth in Paris

This photobooth is, in essence, a giant outdoor advertisement for McDonalds “Come As You Are” promotional campaign. Photomaton is the original company name for many of the world’s photobooths and is the generic term for the booths in France and other European countries.

The interactive booth is situated at La Defense in Paris. The  “Come As You Are” campaign focuses on the values ​​of diversity, acceptance and the spirit of hospitality. The booth has a touch interface which offers the public an opportunity to take pictures that are integrated directly into the campaign visuals on a giant screen. As you can see from the video, the participant receives a large printout of their photo from the booth and can also receive the picture via email.

The video was only posted 24 hours ago on the production company’s Vimeo page, so it is possible it is still up and running. Any readers in Paris able to pop over and check it out? Let me know what you find.

    • Wouldn’t it just? I lived in Paris for 3 months (a long time ago) and never saw anything like it. Technological change has opened up so many fabulous arenas for art and creative expression (and advertising!!)


  1. Torri said:

    I had no idea this even existed until now. It looks like so much fun!

    I know this post is older though, but I found it when looking around your blog. I really like the vibe you have created here and all the different photos. Especially the vintage ones and the ones from your recent post that had the mugshots in it. You have just gained a new reader! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, that is high praise indeed. Thanks! I hope you enjoy the new posts as much as the old.


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