Movie-of-U Inside Out

Movie of you Front


I bought this rare type of photobooth photo from an online seller in the USA. I have others in my collection, three of which you can see here. When it arrived it was in a parlous state of repair, being in two pieces and covered with brown paper tape to stop the photo inside from moving. None of the item’s problems were listed in the  advertisement.

After numerous emails where the seller accused me of creating the damage, I finally got an agreement to a refund but it cost me more to return it (it had to be sent registered post), than the item originally cost, leaving me out of pocket by $18. Having had to scan the photo to prove that the item had arrived in poor condition, I decided the best way to ameliorate my bad feelings about the whole affair, is to do a blog post about how the mechanics of this type of photobooth item works. I hope you find it interesting.

Movie of you Back

Damage and brown paper tape on back.

movie of you without photo

With back and therefore photo removed. You can see the marks on the “lens” that gives the illusion of movement when the item is squeezed.

Movie of you Inside

The inside of the item, showing the lens and photo. The image has three distinct images overlapping and printed together. The lens separates each image and the illusion of movement is created by squeezing the sides of the frame.



  1. John said:

    Wow, sorry this person was not honest with you and failed to give full disclosure. Grrr. Never seen one of these.


    • They are very rare and generally go for more than I can afford. The ones I have, I feel very lucky to own. They were buy-it now items and listed just at the right time for me to nab them quickly. I have never seen any images of the type of booth that made these photos but I doubt any have survived, which is sad.


  2. Mike said:

    Well that sucks. You want I should knock on his door?


    • Actually YES! Please do, Sir Micahel. That would be your Knightly duty. wouldn’t it. He was totally awful and I felt like a damsel in distress! I only got the money back through Paypal resolution process and it was very stressful dealing with him.


      • Mike said:

        I’m always buying on ebay and paypal is good stuff. Glad you didn’t get burned. What state does the fool live in?


  3. I’ve never seen one of these either. Fascinating.

    And a big negative rating to that lousy seller. I’ve so far had no problems with sellers when I end up with something that wasn’t as advertised. Just lucky.


  4. gpcox said:

    Rare and very unusual – great find!


    • Better if it had been in good condition and I’d been able to keep it! Nice to hear from you GP.


      • gpcox said:

        I know I don’t comment very often, but if you see me hit the like button – I DID read the post and like it. Time has really been at a premium lately!


  5. That is an interesting piece, I’ve never seen anything like that.

    BTW… I’d love to team up with Mike and go kick that guy’s ass for you.


  6. I like any vintage items relating to photography. I have some old cameras I pick up in bargain stores. Enjoy the blog.


    • Thanks for commenting. I have a few old cameras, too. They make great props for my booth photos!


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