Sailor Boys In A Booth

These two boys are a wonderful pair. What a lovely affectionate pose! They are cute as all get out, with their rakishly tilted caps and loose neck ties, not to mention the rose bud in one lapel. There heads just resting together and those smiles, make me love them both. The feminity of the features of the owner of the magnificent ‘tache made me think briefly that it was a woman in drag but I have dismissed that idea. Do you agree?



This photo comes from an album of photos that mostly were dated 1941. It measures  37 x 52 mm and came from the USA.

  1. John said:

    I think the person with the mustache is a man. Just a bit feminine, but all man. Great photo, they look happy, maybe a little buzzed. 🙂


    • Yes, I can see the “buzzed” now you mention it, particularly in the eyes of the guy on the right!


  2. Mike said:

    No, that is a guy for sure. I was in the Navy from 68-72 and had the same uniform. Believe it or not I have NO pictures of myself in uniform, but sure wish I did.


      • Mike said:

        It wasn’t an altogether miserable experience. I met Judy in the Navy, as she was in too. Same reason that I was in.
        I have become very proud of my veteran status over time.

        I was ridiculously handsome back then.


        • Wow, Judy Too? I bet she looked great in her uniform. Of course you did too, if you were “ridiculously handsome back then”, and I don’t doubt it!


  3. Here’s two Navy buddies on Liberty, out for a night on the town. Maybe it’s their last, before sailing off on the Atlantic or Pacific to join the fight. Will they see each other again, will they see their families again? Who can blame them for getting a little pixilated on a night like this? Did they meet some girls and get lucky, did they get into a bar fight, or just go back to their ship? Walking down the pier, two friends holding each other up, one spots a photo booth in an arcade. The other has a coin left over from the dime-a-dance hall, and they decide on a souvenir. Maybe they cut up the strip and each kept one photo and they mailed the other two to their sweethearts back home. Maybe they came back and married those girls, and lived happily ever after.

    Nice pic, K.


    • Yes, that is EXACTLY what would have happened. Awesome Mr Strutz does it again. Great story – no, pardon, it isn’t. It is a true history.


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