Beautiful Jazz Age Dude

Cool tie, cool hat, sharp lapels – what a dude. And such a beautiful sanguine face! I love his slightly raised eyebrows, almond eyes and half smile. I feel very warm towards him, as there is something in his expression that suggests kindness and charm.

The background in this booth photo is very unusual, so I would suggest it was added by the owners of a club or bar where the booth was situated.  It is undated but I would guess, based on the quality of paper and the clothing style, it was taken sometime in the 1930s. There is self-adhesive album residue on the back (those albums date from the 1970s) which suggests it was loved and cared for for many years after it was taken.


The photo is of a slightly larger size than most of my booth photos. It measures 65 x 78 mm and came from the USA.

  1. John said:

    Such a dapper, well dressed dude! I love seeing the variety and character of photography you post, Katherine. 🙂


  2. Lisa said:

    So handsome – I love the background on this one too.


    • He is gorgeous isn’t he? Yes, the background… looks like hybiscus flowers. I should have mentioned that in the post!


  3. Lots to like in this one… the Hat, the Background and the Zoot Suit… but, I really like the tie. I would guess 30’s also. Would love to see the other three photos. Did his expression ever change? Maybe he is caught adjusting his hat? Or loosening his tie? Did his sweetie poke her head in to see what was going on?


    • Yes, I wonder what happened to the other ones? I like Zoot Suit as a description. I have a photo that I will post soon, of a woman (who I initially thought was a bloke), wearing a hat that makes her look like “Zoot” out of the band in the Muppet Show.


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