“Old People”


Here is a charming bit of improvisational theatre in a photobooth. Written on the back are the words “Old People”, a name, Barb Kleitch and the date, 1972. These guys, for whatever reason, have decided to pull faces and mug for the camera as elderly citizens. I find the expressions they have chosen to convey their idea very amusing, and wonder if they had any particular old people in mind to inspire them? The hanky, book and upturned hood are nice contributions to their interpretation.

The four frame strip that old black and white booths produced were ideal for telling short stories, yet it is rare to find a strip like this that makes such good use of the format. It comes from the USA and is a standard sized photobooth photo strip.

  1. John said:

    Now those are some pretty faces!!


  2. And wouldn’t you like to see their actual old people faces now? Is it all they imagined it to be? Did the expressions stick?


    • OMG -Yes! They really would be old now! I hadn’t even thought of that! Would be so funny to see what they look like now.


  3. Wonderful faces… the woman especially. It would be fun to hear them in that booth. You can almost hear that boy sniffing and ‘poo-pooing’ in that third photo. Wouldn’t it be nice to find Barb Kleitch and find out how their lives played out?


    • “You can almost hear that boy sniffing and ‘poo-pooing’ in that third photo” Yes, and the hanky emphasises that so well! With so many of my photos, I wonder what would have happened to the people. I assume a lot of them are dead just because their photos are so old and have entered the public domain. With this being a newer strip there is a good chance that both of them are still about. I think I will put Barb’s name in the tags. Maybe someone will search for her name one day and find this post.


  4. Lisa said:

    her face in the first frame is priceless!


  5. Mike said:

    Yep, the first thing I thought of was 1972…42 years later…they will certainly testify to the quick march of time. They were rather good at pulling faces.


    • Yes, life just zooms by! They really would be well on their way to being real old people now. That kind of freaks me out!


      • Mike said:

        I read recently that 50 is the infancy of old age. Fasten your seat belt.


          • “They really would be well on their way to being real old people now.”

            Now wait a cotton picken minute young lady. They’re probably my age…(typed with my arthritic hands).


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