1. John said:

    I agree on the hat! Nice photo. 👌


  2. He very much reminds me of an actor who used to be on lots of tv shows in the ’60s through ’80s, Andrew Prine. He did several westerns.


  3. m.lever said:

    i don;t know if it is the photo booth framing or the monotone, but when i look at your pictures i always try to deconstruct the character and the age. i am probably putting two and two together and coming up with 5, but all the the fun is in trying to figure it out. great work…


    • Thanks Martin. When my health was better, I used to put more time into thinking those things through and writing about them. Pondering about and imagining the lives of the subjects of my photos is one of the most interesting parts of collecting.


    • I wonder if he was in costume/dress-up for something special, or if this was his “everyday” wear?


  4. That’s a cool dude, indeed. I like his shades a lot as well.


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