Fabulous Floral Millinery


While probably not the most exciting of booth photos, I did enjoy the smirk on this woman’s face and her obvious pride in her hat, which appears to be covered in real roses. There is nothing about her coat or the rest of her clothes that suggest a woman of great style or substance but still she took pride in her appearance and quite possibly in her luxuriant rose garden.

This photobooth photo measures 40 x 50 mm and comes from the USA. I would guess this photo was taken in the mid 1950s.

  1. I’m pretty sure those are stiff fabric roses. I can almost feel the texture of them. Shiny and crisp. If the hat still exists the roses are probably badly stained from people rubbing the petals between their fingers while saying, “Are these real?”


    • I imagine you are right but I liked the idea they were real so much I ignored that possibility!


      • The problem was the person who kept spritzing her. Moments after this shot her face was damp and she was blinking a lot. Probably a dutiful husband who wanted her to stay fresh.


  2. John said:

    True substance and worth is in the heart. 😉


  3. Mike said:

    The smirk is nice, a contented woman enjoying a nice moment. The hat? Not so much.


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