Mr Sy’s Casino of Fun


photoboothMrSyDetail#04 photoboothMrSyDetail#03  photoboothMrSyDetail#01photoboothMrSyDetail#02

I do love a photobooth related novelty and these are some of my favourites. I believe these faux American bills were given free to patrons of Mr Sy’s Casino of Fun in Las Vegas in the 1970s. Is it just a certain prejudice of mine, or are these people just so typical of the types one sees frequenting casinos to this day?

Mr Sy’s no longer exists but you can see what a very fine establishment it was from the postcard image at the bottom of the page! I wonder how much you had to spend on the pokies to get your “free” meal.


photoboothCasino of Mr Sy

Backs of the notes showing the correct address on one and a typographical error for the address on the other.



  1. John said:

    This is so interesting! I saw your post then went hunting for this casino around Google. It’s been gone a long time but locals who have been here forever remember it with good vibes. Twe dollars LOL!! Our money is ugly compared to your money.


    • I was hoping you’d like it John. Before I discovered it no longer existed, I was going to ask you if you’d ever been past or visited. Our money is colourful, but yours has classic status!


      • John said:

        I have no idea exactly where it was, only a hunch. Just tried a search for cross streets for the place, no luck. It’s weird, like those people and the business never existed. I wonder if Clark County has public records…


        • It says it was in “Fasion Square across from the Stardust Hotel” on the back of the note. I meant to put that in the post but forgot! I am guessing from my own Google search that they made a typographical error in the printing and that it really should say “Fashion Square”. Will add scans of the backs of the notes. There is an address.


  2. Lisa said:

    I love the last photo as much as the novelty photo booth ones! “Free stew!” I can’t imagine that would be a draw today :).


    • Hi Lisa. I agree the last photo is a classic and gives a very good perspective on the type of place it was. It certainly hasn’t the glitz and glamour one associates with Las Vegas!


  3. gretafrancis2011 said:

    Funny! I see this type of face hanging around the local church hall on bingo night.


  4. Junior said:

    Photos of this place are hard to come by. The property was first developed as Desert Spa around 1950. By 1960 it was converted to the Fashion Mall. After Mr. Sy’s it was Big Red’s Casino, Peppermill Casino, and (I think) Dan’s Royal Flush.


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