S. Quinn – A Rare Photoweigh Series


June 23, 1937

Following on from David Simkin’s guest post of last week, above is the first of a very rare series of eight Photoweigh photobooth photos that I own. I have never seen another long sequence of the same person in this type of machine. I have arranged them in correct chronological order, if they are dated but have guessed the order for the rest of them. They were all taken in the UK.


June 26, 1937


25 (Month obscured), 1938


Details faded.


On back – June 1939

On the back of this photo is written Douglas, June 1939. I have presumed that to be a place rather than a person’s name, based on the inscription on another photo, below. There is a town called Douglas in South Lanarkshire in Scotland and the capital of the Isle of Man is also a town called Douglas. The photo could have been taken in either one of these towns, however, the Isle of Man is the more obvious holiday destination. On consulting David Simkin, he confirmed Douglas on the Isle of Man to have been a popular holiday destination at the time these photos were taken, and therefore the most likely location of the Photoweigh booth.


21st of … Other details have faded.

On the back of this photo is written ‘S.Quinn”, which I believe to be the name of the lady pictured in the series.  As the only clearly dated photos were all taken in June of the various years, I like to think that these were a souvenir of her annual holiday, taken at the same time of the year, in the same town and in the same booth over many years.

Each photo measures approximately 40 x 83 mm and they are all printed on a heavier weight stock than is usual for other types of booth photos, but seems to be standard for Photoweigh photos.

For more fascinating information about Automatic Photos and their history please visit  Sussex PhotoHistory and see David Simkin’s guest post on this blog, here.


Details of date have faded or it was never dated.

  1. Have you ever seen a photoweigh booth, or were they long gone before you came along?


    • Long gone before my time but neither have I ever seen any images of that type of booth online. They seem to have died out completely.


  2. Lisa said:

    I had never heard of a photo weigh booth until your posts – it’s fascinating. And it must be thrilling to have such a rare find! Do you have any photos of a photo weigh booth?


    • I was very happy to get this series as the only bidder, as individually these photos often go for high prices. No, I’ve never seen this type of booth, not even in photos!


  3. .What a great series. My favorite post of yours. Best. Jon


  4. Mike said:

    And really, doesn’t every woman want a photo with her weight stamped on it?


  5. gretafrancis2011 said:

    She looks happy but I guess she was always holidaying alone, so I find that sad.


    • Yes, I had thought about that but who knows who else she shared her time with. Maybe she met or went with the same friends there every year. (Friends who didn’t like photobooths)


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