Leicester Station Found Photo


Leicester Railway Station, 16 June 2002

I found this strip of photos on my way to work when I lived in Leicstershire in the East Midlands in the UK. A friend who was looking through my collection recently, commented that he appears to be very professionally posed before the camera. He does have the knack of presenting himself in a dramatic and interesting way. Could he be a local actor, used to striking a pose without a mirror?

Having turned out of well, I imagine that the photos took too long to process and that the sitter was forced to leave the strip due to the imminent arrival of his train.

This is a standard sized strip of colour photobooth photos which measures 41 x 97 mm.

  1. John said:

    He certainly does look rather professional. I like the white, clean background too. Seems to have a bit of gradient to it.


    • Yes, definitely a confident man in front of a camera. It was a great booth. I took my pic in it several times and the results were always clean and colourful.


      • John said:

        I haven’t seen a photo booth in years. Ar they still a viable way to make a bit of cash, considering the upfront investment?


        • I would have thought they’d generate a bit of money if in a good location but as the supplies of paper are running out, it wouldn’t be along term proposition. Booths are mainly in clubs and at special events these days.


  2. Mike said:

    My first thought was that he looked real familiar but that probably means a look I have seen before. I think you are probably spot on as he appears to be quite poised and rehearsed.


  3. He was either a private eye or was the guy the private eye was looking for. Definite BBC mystery material.


  4. I like the actor angle. He is posing in a completely different way than you usually see in a photo booth strip. Almost like posing for head shots. Of course he can see himself in the glass, so he can refine his looks. I imagine color takes longer and his train must have roared into the station and he had to hurry off. Did you actually find the strip in the booth? Most of us check phones and vending machines for quarters left… Katherine checks photo booths.

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    • Thanks for the great commnet Ted. Yes, it was still in the shoot when I found it. I still check the surrounds and tops of old style booths for cast-offs, if ever I find one. No point checking the new booths as the photos can be edited before printing, so no one gets the nasty pics they might have tossed years ago. (They also print very quickly, so no hanging around waiting)


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