Tattoo Man – Part Five

Polaroids of Tattoo Man’s Lady Love


From Ebay scan.

Below are two Polaroid photos showing Tattoo Man’s girlfriend sitting in a black and white photobooth. You can see the series of posts about him and his lady, here. These were sold by a different Ebay seller to the one from whom I bought my examples from the series. I was surprised and excited to find them. I was also convinced that there would be fierce competition for them in the last minutes of the auction, as there so often is with booth related ephemera. Luckily for me, I was the only bidder!

As you can see from the images, these were taken on the same day as the strip of photos at the top of the page. Given their love of photobooths and each other, this could only have been taken by Tattoo Man himself.

I love finding more information about the actual strips through these polaroids. Four poses for only two dollars, less than 15 years ago, sounds like a bargain to me. Also, it is clearer in the colour photos that the bow is one from a gift of some type, rather than a questionable fashion accessory. More information could be gleaned from the photos by someone, like Meags Fitzgerald, with more knowledge about photobooth models and their eras than I have.


One of two new additions to my photobooth related ephemera collection.


The second new addition.


Detail from the top polaroid showing a strip of black and white photos ready to be collected.


With her Tattoo Man. (From my collection.)

photoboothTattooMan'sGirlwithoutBowDon'tOwn EDITED

From Ebay scan.

  1. gretafrancis2011 said:

    Wow, that is so neat! How long between the first ones being on sale and you seeing the polaroids? How do you think they ended up with different sellers?


    • No idea about why they ended up with different sellers! I think there must have been at least 6 months between the sales, if not longer.


  2. How did you know it was she? I agree about the bow… she is cute and fun… they make a good pair. How interesting to have the color ones with the look at the booth.

    Look at you… ephemera… quite the word, Ms!


    • I am generally good with recognising faces, so she leapt out at me immediately. I have found other photos of people I know from my collection, in books. One example is here
      You will need to look at the previous posts in this category (you will like the lady, I’m sure) to see my examples. I was very excited when the book arrived and I saw someone I knew. I have one other person who is in a book and in my collection that I will do a post about one day.


  3. Lisa said:

    absolutely love the one of tattoo man and his lady (black and white)!


    • Thanks, Lisa. I wish the seller hadn’t cut the strip up. I bet it would’ve been a beauty


  4. peersea said:

    I liked the colour polaroids, particularly the first one where she seems to be blowing a kiss to Tattoo Man. I’d agree with your guess about the bow too.


    • Of course she is blowing a kiss!! You know I didn’t even notice that? Well spotted indeed. I will need your future help in analysing my photos, mister. Or else I will need to borrow some eye-glasses.


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