My Sister’s Coming To Visit!


My sister and I in a booth during her last visit in July 2012

At the time of posting, my sister Susan will be about to get on a plane in Dublin, to fly to Melbourne to visit me, my Ma and my Pa. She will arrive tomorrow evening, at Australian Eastern Daylight Time of 9.00 pm and stay for two weeks.  HOORAY!!!! (Tap-dancing with joy, now!)

This strip of photos was taken at Flinders Street Station during Sue’s last visit when she came to see us with her husband and two kids. That is Penny, her daughter, peeking in for the last shot.

  1. That is Ab Fab news!!! I’m happy for you, Kate… and for your parents and Sue also… To be so far away is hard.

    If Penny comes along, you must demonstrate the proper technique for photobombing a Photo Booth.


    • Penny is staying at home with her daddy, Ted. Thanks for your enthusiasm and good wishes. I put parcel in post for you today!!


  2. bronharv said:

    Beautiful photos of you & Sue . Can’t wait to see you both soon xx


  3. These have so much love,joy and fun in them – brilliant photobooths 🙂


  4. Kristine said:



  5. peersea said:

    Hooray indeed!! You look really happy in these shots Kate and are treating us to that pretty smile of your’s. Hope to see more of these shots during or post Sue’s visit. 🙂


  6. John said:

    Great news indeed, Katherine!! I expect photos of your adventures. (kidding) 😉


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