Lori and Me – Part 5


In this fifth instalment of the series we have Donna in a photobooth with a boyfriend who looks to be a lot older than her, if only for the abundance of face-fuzz. They make a cute couple, don’t you think? All the photos were taken somewhere in the USA, on two different days, but probably in the same month or even the same week.

With reference to the title of this series, my good pal and dedicated commenter Ted, from the USA, is the only one who has asked, “Who is Lori?” and “Where is Lori?”. Lori is one of Donna’s friends. She appears in only a few of the photos. They will be in a forthcoming post. For some reason her name stuck in my head from the day the photos arrived. Whenever I looked at the pics, I always thought of this series as “The Lori Photos”. Lori and Me is inscribed on the back of the images in which she appears and thus I decided to name the series that way.

Donna is photographed with many boyfriends and girlfriends over a period of 4 years from 1969 to 1973 in a large series of photobooth photos. To see the rest of the posts in this series, please click here.







  1. Well, look at our Donna! Where did she pick up that hoser? Our Donna is a little minx. I think he’s the same age. Definitely ’70s. I almost wonder if those kisses are fake. But pretty cute.


    • p.s. Look at Donna in the first photo… them move your eyes to the right and look at our Little Sweetheart. Hmmm… change one of those hair styles and it could be the same girl… gee, do you think…


      • Whatever you say, Ted, but I wasn’t the type of girl to be kissing boys in photobooths (or anywhere else) at that age. I was a late bloomer… Did you read the text of this post?


        • I didn’t mean to infer that You would be kissing boys in a photo booth. But in those two photos your lips nose and eyes are almost identical. You could almost be sisters. I’ll have to go look at one of her earlier pics, as she is older here than you were in your pic.


      • Of course I read the txt! And I am looking forward to the big Lori Reveal. I doubt if he is much older than Donna… maybe a year or so. I’m thinking they are in high school. It almost looks like they are fake kissing… but then things do move quickly in a photobooth.


        • And you’d know about that, would you Ted? I think you are right about the age difference being quite small but not so sure the kissing is fake!


  2. peersea said:

    Donna’s turning into a pretty young woman and given you say she’s pictured with many boyfriends over the coming years, perhaps she’s a bit of a heartbreaker too!


  3. Mike said:

    Donna appears to be into it all, as evidenced by her look in that last photo. As to her hairy boyfriend, she could have done better.


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