Lori and Me – Part 6

photoboothDonnaSeriesPart61972 - 01 photoboothDonnaSeriesPart61972 - 02

In this sixth instalment of this series, we have Donna looking very beautiful and all grown-up.  These two strips were taken on the same day in 1972 at a beachside town, given the inscription on the back, which says Me at Beach 72.

Donna looks so much older than in the last photos in the series, it is tempting to say this is several years after they were taken. However, I think there would have been no more than 12 months gap between the sittings, judging by the dates on some of the other photos from the album.

For those of you interested to see “Lori” of the title of this series, the big reveal will be in the next post.

Donna is photographed with many boyfriends and girlfriends over a period of 4 years from 1969 to 1973 in a large series of photobooth photos. To see the rest of the posts in this series, please click here.

  1. She looks a little older, but at that age a lot happens in a year. My granddaughter from 12 to 13… Holy Cow! Donna has one thing in common with another girl I’ve come to know… Never passed a Photo Booth she couldn’t jump into!

    Looking forward to Lori!


    • Thanks Ted. Yes, they change quickly as teenagers! I hope Donna still jumps into booths occasionally but as her album ended up with an Ebay seller I am afraid she may no longer but with us…


  2. Mike said:

    Not much facial change, frame to frame, except for the last frame when someone distracted her. A cute girl probably became a beautiful woman. I hope her life was, is, full of discovery and joy.


    • I hope she is still with us, Mike. It bothers me that her photos were sold publicly. It suggests she departed this world with no one caring about her…


      • Mike said:

        Or, perhaps it suggests that for any number of reasons those photos were misplaced, forgotten, tossed, or lost.
        Other than my high school yearbook picture I am in possession of 2 photos of myself, and none from under the age of 11.
        Donna is still with us. I feel that in my bones.


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