Two ladies and a Photo Booth

A repost from a favourite blogger of mine. Thanks Richard!

lost and found

This set of photographs was kindly kept for me by a smallholder at my local car boot sale.

He knows that I collect old photographs and had hung onto this set from last year.

No information on the reverse but they had fun, back then the Photo Booths took four different images.

Judging by the clothes I would say the photographs date from the 1960s or 70s.

The two ladies look alike, perhaps they were  mother and daughter?

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  1. They were having fun and that’s what PhotoBooths are for!


  2. GP Cox said:

    So glad to see you again!! I hope this means your health has improved and you’ll be back among us more often!! I’m going to guess, with the polyester suit, pearls and hair-dos, that it is from the ’60s. No matter – it’s a great old photobooth original!!


  3. It is an interesting find 🙂
    Hope you are feeling better!


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