Tic-Tac-Toe, Hugs and Kisses, Christmas Wishes


Triptych taken in July 2013 for an exhibition that sadly never happened.

Merry X-mas and O-mas, Merry Kisses and Hugs to everyone who has supported my blog, and supported me during this time of ill health.

Thanks for the comments you left on my last post (as yet un answered, but greatly appreciated). I hope to be able to do some regular writing next year. I have lots of wonderful items to share with you.

Seasons Greetings to all, both long-time followers, new followers and casual readers. Have fun!


Father Christmas and friends. A booth pic found online, with thanks to the original owner.

With best wishes, from Katherine.

  1. peersea said:

    You look very serious in this one QT. Merry Xmas!


    • Concentrating on getting it in the right sequence, I guess. Merry Xmas to you too, Sweetie! x


  2. Moni said:

    Happy Holidays to you too! Sending you my best “get well” vibe. Hope you get back to feeling better!


  3. Look who’s back! I’d say the exhibition just happened! xoxo


    • And let’s hope that Santa found a warm bed that night because he looks, well…sort of weary. A walk down the sidewalk behind the department store through the slush of the streets, and then the climb to his cold water flat on the 5th floor of an old brownstone. A can of tuna eaten beneath a single lightbulb with an on/off chain hanging down. A radio playing Sinatra singing Christmas tunes. And then snow begins to fall assuring him it’s going to be a very cold night. But he bundles in an old threadbare comforter that had belonged to his grandmother, and he watches the people in the street below as they pass beneath the street lights. And then there are the neighbors, all in their own private worlds, but with their blinds/drapes pulled open allowing others to watch their lives happen like a private viewing of a stage play. Yeah, let’s hope Santa found some solace on Dec. 25th.


  4. Lisa said:

    merriest of christmases to you, katherine! i miss your posts and i’m excited to see more in 2015. xo


  5. John said:

    Hi Katherine, good to see you on WP! Best wishes for you and yours in 2015! 😀✌️


  6. Happy Christmas Catherine, and all the best energy for 2015

    Hélène & Christian

    Les Matons


  7. What a great series/combination. Best wishes for 2015, Katherine!


  8. gpcox said:

    I do hope you are beginning to feel better these days.


  9. My very best wishes to you, Katherine! Hope this year is as wonderful and cool as your photobooth pictures!
    Love, Inese


  10. gpcox said:

    How have things been going for you? All my hopes that your health has improved!


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