I Spent My Last Shilling

I have a small collection of ephemera related to photobooths and these are some of my favourites.

Wherever a photobooth was situated, which was more often than not in seaside holiday towns, there were postcards and postcard vendors. The photomaton company came up with a way of capitalising on the booth’s popularity as a souvenir and the popularity of postcards by combining the two. They produced empty vignette cards with seaside and country themes which had gummed paper backing, into which one could insert a recently made photo from one of their booths.

The top card must have been delivered by hand or posted in an envelope. Written in pencil on the back is –

Just a little snap of me dear. Sorry my hair is so straight. But it’s not so bad is it? Love from Nancy x x

The second card is of the same design as the first. It is one of four I have, which were never used. Below is another example. They all have twee rhymes that are typical of the sentiments found on other types of greeting cards of the time. They all date from the late 1920s to early 1930s


  1. That is really interesting. Sort of like that photo I got at the Amsterdam train station with the Paris motif. Of course there was no sentiment… I don’t think… other than a Paris thing. I was surprised when it came out, as I didn’t know what the hell I was doing or how to work it… wish you had been there.


  2. Me too, Ted! I can read a bit of French to help with working the machine. Once I got you in there and decided on our options we could have a great laugh. You’d find it hard to get me out of there. I’d always be wanting one last photo of us being foolish. I’d only be happy to leave if you offered to take me to a posh café for a slap up, chocolate and pastry filled afternoon tea. Hooray! Let’s do it!!!😀


  3. abhoan said:

    Its infinitely amazing what affection and care leads you to. Thank you for sharing the cards..


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