A Loving Thought

Here are three more examples of my Photomaton postcards.

The young lady in the booth photo is wearing fashionable clothes of the late 1920s or early 1930s. She wrote a message on the back, which reads –

Dear Beatie and George. We are having a fine time. Hoping all is well at home. With love from Mayme

The writing is in a childish hand, so the sitter may be a lot younger than she first appeared to me. I had thought late teens but she could possibly be as young as 13 or 14. Her name is difficult to decipher. It could also be read as Mayne. Neither that, nor my first guess are familiar female monikers, so maybe neither is correct.

Below is another example of an unused card. To see some other examples of this type of card please click here.


  1. Mike said:

    Yeah, she could be as young as 12 or 13 and is dressed as an adult. I like the flapper style and think that women look hip and stylish. My grandmother was in her 20’s, in the 20’s, and had beautiful red hair. Her name was Lulu (Lena.)

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    • My Grandma was also in her 20s then. She was born in 1900. I think it is partly why I love the flapper era so much.


      • Mike said:

        I have no photos of grandma Lulu from her flapper days, although I do recall seeing one, Black and white of course and I think her hair was short. She was a beautiful woman who was protective and loving, and I miss her every single day. She was a lifeline for me as a kid.

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  2. Lemuel said:

    These are beautiful cards! Don’t think I’ve seen any like them over here in New Zealand but will have to keep an eye out for them.

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    • Thanks Lemuel. I have never seen any in Oz either. Or from the U.S. They seem to be a very British phenomenon.


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