I’m Feeling Fine

This is another photobooth postcard from my collection but one published by Auto-Snaps which, to my knowledge, did not also own or operate any photobooths. I can find no reference to this publisher online and have never seen another postcard designed by them.

This young man’s name is Donald. An adult has filled in the address and message –

Having a nice time Auntie.

He has signed the card himself and added three kisses. (Please see the image below.)

Like the other postcards I have posted in this series of three, the message is written in pencil. Unlike the others, this one has been posted without an envelope. It was sent from the seaside resort town of Rhyl in Wales. It is dated June 1937. It is interesting that Rhyl is also the town where Cyril Astor had one of his booths in the 1940s through to the early 70s. I imagine it possible that this was one of his earliest booths. His offices were situated nearby.

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  1. It’s certainly an interesting seaside personalised gift, I’ve never seen anything similar at a postcard fair

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    • Found it on a UK based eBay site. I’ve never seen them in the USA either nor Australia, where I live. They seem to be a particularly British idea.

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  2. peersea said:

    Cute kid. Out of curiosity, are u feeling fine and sound as a bell QT? 😉


    • You know me, Sweetie – mostly feeling fine in spirit but with a cracked and weary bell. 😦


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