1. Well… we won’t get into your bizarre tastes… it would take too long.

    When I read the title, I thought it would be Mike, but I see that’s not the case.

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    • Mike said:

      Mike who? You can’t mean me, as I have not taken a rubber doll into a photobooth in many, many years.

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      • No, I guess that to be true. Your blow-up doll days must be way behind you due to the presence of Pumpkin. It would not be a safe environment for an inflatable doll with a playful pup around.


        • Mike said:

          I only used them as inflatables. They were great in the ocean.

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  2. Say… do you think this could possibly be a woman? The shirt is kind of female… maybe she just has a mannish chin. And the person could be a ventriloquist with a big dummy that could not fit into the booth.

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    • You trying to spoil my fun, Ted? I did think the earrings were very girlie but i know it is a blow up doll. There was another pic from the same strip that I missed out on. It showed a lot more of the doll and her “details”. I can’t see a woman posing with one. I will look more closely at the pic again, though.


  3. Linda said:

    Hahaha, strange but very funny :-D!

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    • Indeed! I can just imagine him blowing it up inside the booth, or walking sheepishly through the shopping centre or train station with her fully inflated. Either way, very bizarre!

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  4. Mike said:

    My sense is that this man was on a first date with that rubber doll. See the “oh I hope she likes this” look on his face. I would guess they dated for some time, even though his parents disapproved.

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