Farmer Jeb And The Incongruous Backdrop


This photo came from the USA and from an album of images that were mostly dated 1938.

I am guessing this man was on his way to a costume party when he spotted a photobooth and gave it a run. Having said that, it is possible the event was held at a venue with its own booth. The crudely drawn, faux lead-light window background is more typical of private machines than public ones. Looking slightly ecclesiastical, it would be more suitable to someone in a nun’s habit or priest’s robes. I just long to Photoshop in some rolling hills, a barn and some cows to make it more suitable to his costume. That is if I knew how to use Photoshop!

With his fake, glued-on beard and twisted smile, he looks to me as if he is imitating the country hick stereotype that was popular in movies of the era. This picture gave me a laugh when I first saw it for sale. Hope it makes you laugh, too.

  1. John said:

    This fella got hold of some moonshine made up in the Kentucky hill country 🙂 It is an odd background, looks like floor tiling a transparency of something at the top.

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    • Hi John, I get such great comments, I think I could almost leave out writing about each photo! Yes he definitely needs to have a jug of moonshine. I thought there might be something at the top left corner in the backdrop, too, but couldn’t make it out.

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  2. Linda said:

    Lol John! I love this photo, thanks for sharing this Photobooth Journal!

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  3. elmediat said:

    When I saw this one, it immediately reminded of an old silent film. I vaguely recall seeing a character done up like this in a silent film clip. The primitive make-up & background resemble one of those early comedies, as does the exaggerated facial expression. It is quite possible, given the individual’s possible age that they may have seen such a character at the flickers and is trying to imitate /emulate the appearance. Then again I may just be reading too much into this one and it actually a time traveller sending a warning/commenting about 2016 American presidential election results. 😀

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