Photobooth Signage

I bought this and two other original photobooth display panels from the USA. They date to the late 1960s. These would have been placed on the sides of the booth to show off the quality of the images you could make of yourself. None of the strips are true booth photos, having been copied from the originals for use in multiple locations. As there is some overlap in the models and photographs used, I have chosen this, the best one, to share with you.

I wonder where the booth was located, as none of the models were male? I guess it could have been in an area dominated by hairdressing salons or another type of business with a predominantly female clientele. I love the variety of classic 60s hair and make-up styles.


Sign Detail


Sign Detail

  1. Linda said:

    I like these very much, and the looks of the women is very stylish!

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  2. That’s cool. Does it say the price anywhere? I would imagine $1then???


    • No, no price. Could have been as low as $0.60. I have some other pieces of photobooth paraphernalia but none of them, as far as I can remember, have a price on them. I think they tended to mark the price separately so that it was easy to mark up without destroying the look of the booth.


      • That would make sense. I don’t know about 60 cents… I think it would be in quarters.

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  3. I remember those photo booths
    I grew up around that time
    And yes hair dos were very big back then even with the men
    Its funny that you don’t have pictures of men
    Curiosity even
    Sheldon As Usual

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    • Hi Sheldon. Yes, that is true and a tad unusual. Most of the booths I’ve seen have a mix of male and female, old and young. It probably depended on the location of the booth. If the clientele was mostly female, perhaps on the ladies’ wear floor of a department store, then I expect that would be reflected in the signage. Train station booths, with which I have most familiarity, have the wider selections of types.


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