The Wink


I think this is the only photobooth photo I have where the subject is winking. The wink alone might have been enough to make me buy this photo, but this gent’s eyeliner, long hair and his comical, too-small, hat added to its appeal.

There is something about this photo that says “carnival” to me. I can imagine this bloke spruiking for business on any one of the sideshow games of chance and skill. I also think he is quite the cutie, but I have always had dubious taste in men.

  1. John said:

    I agree with the Carnival thought, maybe a cross of a Texas cowboy and a Caribbean pirate?. Had to look up the word spruiking!

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    • Hi John. Yes, he has a bit of the Pirates of the Caribbean Johnny Depp character about him. I only found out that Spruiking is an Australian term when I wrote the post! It was not in the WordPress spell checker so I looked it up myself, to check the spelling.


  2. Pernmoot said:

    I absolutely love everything about this photo…

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  3. Linda said:

    Hahaha, I can see him do that (spruiking)! Or maybe he was a gun-artist shooting to girls on a wheel, like the carnival knife-artists :-D!

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  4. Something about this fellow reminds me of Robert Plant, the lead singer for the rock group, Led Zeppelin.

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