Three-Time Academy Award Winner In A Photobooth


Here is yet another sweet gift from my friend Ted Stutz of TedBook’s DAILY PICS. As with all of Ted’s gifts, it arrived in the post unexpectedly. I love surprises, but most of all surprise photobooth photos!

Perhaps it is just my fancy, but I do think this lovely lady is the divine actress Meryl Streep. She jumped into a time machine and travelled back to the 1930s. Always a stickler for authenticity, she went there to aid her research into role the of Kate Mundy in Dancing at Lughnasa. Whilst there she couldn’t resist the allure of a local photobooth to appraise her era-appropriate costume and hairstyle.

This photo was taken in the USA on 8 August, 1938. All this beautiful woman needs is a blond dye-job to be Meryl’s spitting image. Do you agree or disagree?

This post is inspired by a series on the blog Tattered and Lost – Vernacular Photography.  Search for Time Traveling Celebrity to see all of the posts in this fun category.


  1. John said:

    She does indeed look like the actress! The blonde hair would seal the deal. We all have a doppelganger don’t we?

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  2. Linda said:

    She looks very much like Meryl Streep! With blonde hair she would be her twin sister. The cheekbones, the eyes, the nose, all very much alike. And the expression on her face is also the same. Great photos!

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  3. You are right. She does look like Merle, and I had not heard of Dancing at Lughnasa. The funny thing… to me the pic of Merle looks more like Uma.

    I remember Tattered’s posts, a cute idea.


    • I had never heard of that film either but was glad it fitted the era so well. Problem was, in the movie she didn’t look like my booth strip. Can’t say Uma comes to mind when I look at Merle, but I can understand what you are getting at. Thanks again for these lovely images!

      She is a very clever lady that Ms Tattered!


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