A Quirky Couple


Isn’t this a wonderful portrait of what I presume to be a long standing, married couple? There is a relaxed warmth and familiarity between the two. I love their hats and the man’s upturned face and eyes. Is he looking at something or someone, or just good at choosing a comic photographic angle? There seems to be a benign amusement in the woman’s eyes. Is her partner a perennial joker, no longer very funny to her but loved none the less?

Is there anyone out there, who has the time and inclination to work out the inscription on the back of the above photo? Obviously they are names, but the surname of Konrad, is the only word I can make out. I bought this from the USA.


  1. Mike said:

    Tati Orios and Sela Konrad.He looks to be the quirky part of that mix.

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    • Cheers Mike. Not familiar with Orios as a name. So I guess that means not married? Women didn’t keep their own surnames back then did they?


      • Mike said:

        It is in all likelihood not Orios at all. Just my best bad guess. As to how surnames worked when and where, I defer to those who might know. I have no clue. All I can tell you for sure is Judy took my name. She is Mrs. Jokey Clown.

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  2. John said:

    Above the name Konrad, there is Sela (a name i guess) and then the word And. The top two appear to say Tati and Ava? Best guess. Fun photo, the man seems to be a jokester. 🙂

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  3. Hi,
    I’m quite sure it reads “Täti Oiva and Setä Konrad”. Täti and setä are Finnish for aunt and uncle, respectively.

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    • Thank you and now even more so, as I now know they must have had Finnish in their family! Another reader has given me a translation of the back of the pic! “Täti Oiva and Setä Konrad”. Täti and setä are Finnish for aunt and uncle, respectively.

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  4. Nice description of the photo, Kate. 40’s maybe?


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