Lady Clown


As I mentioned in a previous post, images of clowns in photobooths are quite rare. Rarer still is to find a female clown in a photobooth. Of course this could just be a woman dressed up for a costume party. Either way it is a great photobooth photo.

It has just occurred to me that this may be a partner picture to my post of Farmer Jeb, as each image shares the same background and both show people in costume. I am unsure whether these came from the same eBay seller, but if they did, I bought them several months apart.

I would still say I find male clowns quite scary, but I dislike them less, the more I know about them. This lady, if she is a professional entertainer, is definitely not scary!

  1. John said:

    Clowns are creepy. Female clowns aren’t as creepy but…

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  2. Mike said:

    They are almost certainly shot together at the same time. She looks pretty good, or at least well composed and at ease.

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    • Some people just know how to pose to get a good shot. I have just bought some booth photos from France that come from an old acting agency. Those actors must have spent hours in front of the mirror perfecting their ‘look’. They put Zoolander to shame.


      • Mike said:

        All that time posing in front of a mirror. I can only do 30 seconds at most, and then I hide under my bed for days.

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        • Bah! You are a good lookin’ dude. If you hid under the bed, the mirror would come looking for you.👀


          • Mike said:

            That would truly be a scary thing, the mirror looking for me. (thanks)

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  3. Linda said:

    This lady clown isn’t scary at all, I like her :-)! I have to admit that some male clowns are scary, especially in horror movies (like in “It”, brrr!!!) LOL!

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    • I am such a mess of nerves these days that I never see horror movies, though I loved them when I was younger. But I know what you mean!!

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    • I am really hoping it was the same party. If only I could remember where I got both the photos, we would be closer to getting a definitive answer.

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  4. I would not say these people are clowns, but going to or at some kind of costume party.

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    • Hi Ted! I reluctantly agree with you about the lady not being a clown, although I really wanted her to be. You are, of course, correct about Farmer Jeb. I didn’t mean to suggest that I thought he was also a clown, although I’m sure his children would have thought of him in that way!


  5. You don’t have a like button for this post, did you publish it from the app? I had to manually check the right boxes using my desktop to fix my last two posts.

    Anyway! I don’t know if this lady was a clown but she may have been a fashion eccentric! And I agree, she pairs up well with the farmer looking man.

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