Savoy Ballroom 1940 – Andy Kirk


The Belle of the Ballroom

Above is another beautiful woman who stopped by the in-house photobooth at the Savoy Ballroom to make a souvenir of her evening out. She is glowing with joy, probably having been dancing up a storm to the big band sounds of Andy Kirk’s orchestra.


Andy Kirk

Andrew Dewey Kirk was a jazz saxophonist and tuba player, best known as a bandleader of the Twelve Clouds of Joy. His music was popular during the swing era, and he and his band performed regularly at the Savoy. He died aged 94 in 1992, having given up his musical career in the 1950s to concentrate on other pursuits.


How the band might have looked on the night in 1940 when the top photobooth photo was taken.


Copyright Steve Bannos of Gargantua (With thanks to Steve)

Also from the Savoy Ballroom photobooth, are the above two images, also dated 1940. Again two lovely women who, no doubt, had a passion for music and dancing.



  1. Linda said:

    Lovely photographs! I wish ballrooms still existed, it must have been so much fun!


    • Thanks! Me too Linda. Would love to dance in the Winter Gardens ballroom in Blackpool in the UK. It is an original and so beautiful!

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  2. I had to revisit this image. I have been thinking about it for a few days now. I have been listening to a lot of jazz. History of Jazz documentaries. The lindy hop, all of that. And my mind kept flashing to this woman. I know I have commented on this before. It bears repeating, what a wonderful find! It is wild how jazz musicians can hit straight quarter notes but by emphasis, they make it swing!

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    • I replied to this comment Ted but it went in as a new one, not a reply. I’m on an iPad, so not even able to cut and paste. The pertinent information should be below this.😥

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  3. Thanks for remembering and for coming back, Ted! I love jazz too, but don’t know much about it musically. There are so many style sub-groups to explore. I need to listen to more!


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