Disco Cowboy


This is a much brighter and more vibrant image, with greater depth to it in real life. Scanning has not captured the essence of the photo and having lost that, it has almost lost the reason I called this post Disco Cowboy.

When looking at the original picture in natural light, the back-lit curtain positively vibrates like a thumping disco beat. The sitter is wearing a shirt that is obviously silk but in the scan it looks more like dull workaday cotton.

With his stylish, clean, white cowboy hat and luxurious mo, he is the very image of The Village People‘s cow-dude, Randy Jones. Only the sideboards and chin stubble break with Randy’s well manicured image. So was he dressed for a night of boogying? I think so.

To me he is definitely an urban cowboy with one foot inching towards the dance floor, one eye on his image and the other on a potential mate.

The photo originated in the USA and came from a bulk lot of undated pics.


Randy Jones – Macho Man

  1. John said:

    Sorry you lost some image quality, looks good here. I once dated a gal that was given free tickets to see the Maco Macho Men. I did not enjoy the show…


    • Eew. She made you go with her??? I went to one of those god-awful things for a hen’s night a long time ago. The memory makes my skin crawl. It was yucky-yucky, gross-gross!The worst bit about it, was how many women got into it in a caterwauling, ugly way. ICK!

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      • John said:

        There were not very many folks there really, it was a big stadium too. My family despised this woman. Looking back, it was a blessing to be rid of her. 😉


  2. Good Lord! What has this blog fallen to… posting Beefcake now!

    The sitter in the Photobooth is probably wearing a polyester disco shirt… I can picture the background…

    He is ready for a night of knocking down some Lone Stars, chatting up the chicks and riding the bull at Billy Bob’s. The house band is slaughtering ‘Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar’, as he breaks away from his buds when he notices a foxy redhead sipping a VB and admiring the photo booth. Upon sauntering over, he is taken by her Aussie accent and offers to buy her a shot. “Tequila… with the worm”. He selects Jack and barely gets it to his lips when her glass slams down on the bar. “How about another, Cowboy”? Much later, waking up in the back of his pick-up truck clutching a strip of film, he finds himself dressed in nothing but his white Stetson. Was it a dream? If so, where are his clothes. “Damn, those were my dress Levi’s! And who’s the babe in the Photobooth?”


    • OMG Ted!!!! That is awesome! I am sorry I was too unwell to even look at my blog these last few days. You have cheered me up with that fabulous story! HOWEVER, I do need to agree with Mr Fiveson. He was probably hunting a he, not a she. Having said that, the story stands alone and is full of great Americana detail. Love it!


        • Yes! Victoria Bitter! My home state’s brew!!! Yes, I thought I had mentioned that. So there was Australiana and Americana in there! Well done!!


  3. Mike said:

    Ted, pass that moonshine.
    I think you pretty much nailed it, Kate, and the other eye is not on some redhead, unless it has a pecker attached.


  4. hehe.. ..so great! Kate, I guess there was no chance to miss the words ‘Disco Cowboy’ and ‘Village Poeple’ in that post!!! 😀 😀 😀


  5. Hehe, he is trying to look like a macho. Whom he is going to impress, I wonder 🙂 Love the photograph!


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