Beautiful People


What a gloriously sexy couple! At top is my favourite photo of the woman. The third photo is my favourite of the man. I think the final photo is the best of them as a couple.

I am guessing this was taken in the 1980s. It is a found-photo from the USA.

  1. Rajiv said:

    It is a lovely series of shots and I hope that they are still together


  2. picturehappytimes said:

    This is the first time somebody mentioned the term ‘found-photography’ to me. That may sound stupid coming from someone running a blog based on this kind of photographs 🙂 I’m gonna do some research on the subject. Thanks, Kate.

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    • Some people refer to found photographs as ones that they have bought in markets and antique shops. For me, a found photograph is one that I have picked up off the ground, or discovered by accident. For example I was in a supermarket and found a photobooth photo that must’ve fallen out of a wallet. A friend of mine found a whole series of booth photos that fell out of a book she was looking out in an opportunity (charity) shop.


  3. Linda said:

    What a lovely couple, they look so happy, I hope that is still the case 🙂

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    • I hope so too, but so many people who were couples when young, if still together at all, don’t seem to be very happy!

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  4. What a great photobooth session, and I agree with your choices. My caption… ‘Yeah, he’s getting some tonight’.

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