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The Housewife’s Journal – Novelty Framing

I find this dour faced lady fascinating in her determination to keep the same unsmiling expression in her three excursions to a photobooth. I wonder if she kept up this photographic po-face for her entire life?

Despite this lack of humour I do like her face. She reminds me of a favourite English actor, Zoe Wannamker. I struggled to find photos of an unsmiling Zoe. She seems to have a naturally sunny disposition. She is beaming happily in most of the Google images I could find but you may be able to see the resemblance in the two pictures below.

images Unknown

I tried to decipher the wording from the bottom of the novelty photo and use a translator to work out what this says. I am not familiar enough with the German language to make good guesses where the text is unclear, so was unsuccessful. Can anyone out there help me?

Gabrielle, Photobooth, 14/6/2012

I was thrilled to discover this divine strip of photobooth photos while browsing other wordpress sites. Not only is Gabrielle Delacour, who is the author of the blog and subject of this strip, an afficionado of the booth but a Melbournite to boot. If you browse through her blog you will see a great example of the best of Melbourne style in her lovely retro inspired cossies.

A few words from Gabrielle to finish – I’ve always had my bob. From a young lass with a bowlcut of strawberry blonde to a black, angular cut as a late teen, and now a more sophisticated, sleeker darker brown version. I’ve dabbled in other styles briefly, growing it out just to cut it back once more. Nothing compares to a tapered neck-line, a perfectly shaped fringe and a graduated bob. I so totally agree, Gabrielle!

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