Three Times Happy Halloween!


This is my first Halloween post and the first set of Halloween booth photos I have ever made. I took more than one as –

a) I am obsessed with the experience of being in and using a photobooth. (Quelle surprise!)

b) One photobooth strip is never enough.

c) I made Halloween greeting cards using these images for my god daughter, her sister, one or two special friends and for my nephew and niece in Dublin. I needed some variety for them.

I hope you enjoy the decorations, costumes and festivities, whether it be all a bit “Bah! Humbug!” for you, or an event you look forward to all year.

photoboothHalloween03Edited photoboothHalloween01Edited

  1. elmediat said:

    Excellent. Happy Halloween. 🙂


  2. Linda said:

    Awesome :-D. This may become a new tradition for you, shoot photobooth Halloween pictures each year from now on maybe! In Belgium we don’t celebrate Halloween very much, but I love Halloween, so I made my own tradition, with some snacks and a few horror movies, curled up on the couch with my partner :-). Have fun and happy Halloween!

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    • It is only just becoming a big thing in Australia. I started to get into it when I was in New York and then Canada around the time of Halloween about six years ago. I’m not that fond of the commercialism, that I do find the traditions which it is based to be fascinating.

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  3. Ros said:

    Great photos Katherine…love the skeleton prop!

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