The Actors’ Agency – Part 2


Hi! I’m Helene, Helene Bouix! You might remember me from Don’t Worry, We’ll Think of a Title. I was the ditzy blondeNo? Well, I also had a speaking role as the (dead) flaxen side-kick in The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini. Oh, you’re not familiar with that one? Okay then. Hmm. Oh, yes! I was recently cast as the platinum bombshell in The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!?. Oh, you didn’t catch that either? Never mind. I want work with your agency. I feel I may be getting type-cast.

This is one of a series of file cards from a Parisian acting agency. The photos in the series are all from the 1960s. Each card shows a young actor in their best Hollywood pose (à la française, bien sûr!!), along with their address and telephone number. The back of this card shows Helene’s height in metres (1.66), the year of her birth (1924) and GRC. I have no idea what that could stand for. Anyone out there have an idea? For some reason it also needed to state that she is blonde. Oh, really?

None of the actors, in the cards I procured, ever made it in the acting profession. The ones that did, were too expensive for me to buy!

There are some great photos in this series, so stay tuned to Photobooth Journal for more updates!

  • All titles in this post are from genuine 1960s movies.


  1. maclancy1950 said:

    her face looks star struck to me! ~looks an awful lot like a musician iamamiwhoami


    • Hi Marianne! I just looked her up and yes, there is a resemblance, only my lassie is less scary!!


  2. Linda said:

    GRC … what could that be, no idea :-)! I agree that Helene looks friendlier than the musician with the difficult name!

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  3. Hope she has got another career. RC might stand for Registration Card? Don’t know what the G goes for then.

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    • It is always interesting to wonder what happened to the people in photos, especially if they chose acting as a career. They may have ended up being great unsung theatre actors, perhaps? I sometimes wonder what happened to the people who were playing bit parts in old movies who we never see anymore, and think what happened to them? Did they give up acting altogether or did they stick with it , getting worse and worse roles and then end up being an extra with no lines? I wonder if they have kept the memorabilia from the time when they thought they were going to be famous? Do they tell their relatives about their big career and exaggerate their success? Photos are so amazing for the things we don’t see as much as for the things that we do.

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      • Isn’t it amazing how these photos of unknown people make us curious and involved.
        Reading your comment I also imagined all those millions of people who ever dreamed of acting career, who applied for auditions numeral times and were rejected. Why acting career is so attractive? I hope all of the people in your pictures had a plan b.

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        • Me too! I have one or two failed actor friends who had no plan B and have struggled with self esteem and finding employment as a result. I guess the creative urge is so great that being realistic isn’t an option when you have an overwhelming desire to perform. None of the people I know who didn’t make it were untalented at all. In fact quite the opposite! How frustrating would that be, to know you were very good at your craft but still be unable to find employment.

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          • Oh I so agree with you that creative people cannot just give up and go and work in the office. And I am sure they are talented, but there is much more to that in the show business…

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  4. She looks disembodied. The hands are holding the head up on a flowered table cloth. NO wonder it was tough to find work.

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